East LA- La Bamba Rebelde

I loved this video, and I love knowing that East LA is accessible to us, with all it’s color. We need to do more LA exploring in general, but have enjoyed Mexican Markets and Panaderias (Bakeries) in East LA. Here’s a photo we took while enjoying some truly delicious treats at La Mascota Bakery. My favorite were the empanadas of guava paste and cheese.¬†I make the empanadas at home, but the ones they had here tasted like the real thing. My girls really liked the Mexican wedding cookies and the conchas.

I recently saw an old Sunset Magazine article (January 2011) about taking the Gold Line (which starts in Pasadena  and goes to East LA). It listed several train stops including Mariachi Plaza (to enjoy the plaza, the murals and the mariachis) and Indiana (to shop at El Mercado). We have taken the Gold Line before to go from Pasadena to Union Station, but had never taken it beyond that (the extension of this line into East LA is relatively new). We definitely look forward to checking it out!


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